Back in 2009, Dale stumbled onto the career of a one-man interior design business. He managed to survive all these years because of the continuous support of his awesome clients, old and new, many of whom are now friends.   In 2013, the firm was renamed Kate Dale Interiors because Dale got married to this ultra-hot babe named Kate, and he was told he'd better always put her first, always. Anyway, if you are referred here by a client. let's get in touch today.

We love what we do and we love working with clients who value aethestics as much as functionality.
We charge for it because we need to pay the bills and buy milk for our little Ariel.


If it disturbs you that we do not have a showroom, you can go now. Without the pressures of paying rental, we can: 1. choose to only accept projects
we know we can absolutely do fabulous, 2. devote more time to every client and 3. offer more for less.

Dale and Kate

Kate Dale Interiors is a tiny interior design firm in Singapore.

It is a small outfit run by a husband and wife team which specializes in interior design solutions for all sorts of new residential projects. This includes new and resale HDB apartments, condominiums, and landed properties.This includes new HDB, DBSS, condominium apartments or landed properties.

Kate Dale Interiors no longer work with resale projects. Sorry!

Dale started his career as an employed interior design consultant and stylist with one of Singapore's most prominent showflat ID companies. A few years, a couple of promotions, and hopping 2 companies later, he plunged into the abyss of working for himself and never looked back since.

A double-major business graduate with first-class honors from the University of Wales (UK), Dale is also a two-time school dropout. He believes to have cured himself of bipolar but that remains to be seen. He was once awarded a scholarship while dabbling with Fine Arts at the Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts (Singapore), so you can be sure he has good taste in design.

Dale enjoys beautiful women, beautiful things, learning new stuff, reading, technology, science, philosophy, travelling, sunny weather and spending time with his wife, Kate and their little Ariel, who happens to be the cutest biped to roam on Earth ever.

Kate, is an unbeliveable hot babe from Vietnam who was conned into marrying Dale. She spends her day shopping, taking photos, chatting on Facebook, watching Youtube, and making sure Ariel doesn't kill herself.

Like mommy, Ariel is easily distracted by furry things and shiny objects. And unlike mommy, she tries to eat everything she touches.

So, Kate Dale Interiors, probably the only Interior Design firm in Singapore to freely admit being totally unprofessional and being proud at that. :)

So what makes Kate Dale Interiors different? There are a lot of Interior Designers out there, after all.
Here are five ways which makes us unique .
We listen We have experience We model We are fun

We propose ID solutions and renovation plans based on your needs, wants and preferences and we believe we can only do that by listening intently.

We never send a quote off an email enquiry and we never sell an ID package. In fact, we find it hard to believe it's possible to do that.

Every home is different , and every client is unique.

So for us to create a home that is not only absolutely beautiful, but uniquely yours, we need to know you.

Whether it is a resale condo, or a brand new BTO flat, or a landed property built from the ground up, we have done them all, since 2009.

We also love to experiment with the new materials, equipment and technologies up to with the latest advancements in the ID industry.

Having said that, we are neither slave to faddish ID trends, nor rigid tradition.

Our experience allows us to anticipate and solve problems, as well as to offer feasible interior design solutions with a timeless aesthetic.

We believe we are the only Interior Designers in Singapore who models your home using award-winning 3D software SketchUp for preliminary design discussions. And we usually do this even before the quote is out.

Imagine walking through your home, assessing your layout, seeing color choices and materials being applied to fixtures in real time.

You cannot do that with other firms' 3D perpective "prints". But you can do that with our SketchUp 3D models.

Working together on a home involves a lot of contact time between IDs and homeowners. So chemistry is important.

Renovation is a collaboration. And we are friendly and fun loving people who take our work seriously.

Most of our discussions with clients are LOL affairs and we can be with you choosing materials into the wee hours of the morning.

We have no pressure for sales, so assuming we click, we treat our clients as friends who entrust us their homes.

Having no pointy-hair boss to take 50% of our profits, or expensive rentals to worry about, Kate Dale Interiors runs on little overhead and minimal stress.

This also allows Kate Dale Interiors to be absolutely able to offer you much more in terms of value compared to our ID counterparts.

The IKEA tagline reads "You do not need to be rich to be clever".

That's absolutely true. It also means that our clients at Kate Dale Interiors are certainly a clever bunch.


Here is a quick overview as to how we work, from meeting through delivery, so that you know what to expect working with us.
We are different. We model your home first, and give you the quote only after the second meeting.
Discovery Design Deliver
Getting to know one another
Meeting No. 1
Bringing your ideas to life
Meeting No. 2
Decisions, renovation and styling
Meeting No. 3 to Completion

Our first step in any client relationship is to sit for us to down and learn about each other.

Chemistry is important as we will be spending a lot of time together. Interior Design and renovation is personal and collaborative endeavor.

With a copy of the floorplan that you provide, we will discussing at length layout, style and feasibility given your budget.

At the same time we will be understanding your unique style, needs, wants and preferences, and whether our sense of aesthetics agree.

The initial meeting will take about 1-2 hours.

If everything checks out, Kate Dale Interiors will express interest in taking up your project and we will have a Design Brief to prepare a Design Proposal for our next meeting.

This meeting is obligation-free and the consultation is free. We usually even throw in coffee.

From the Design Brief, we will prepare a Design Proposal by modelling your home in award-winning 3D software SketchUp.

This is where we take the first step in bringing your ideas and ours, to life. Using 3D simulation technology, we will walk through your entire virtual home, and present to you our design proposal.

As we discuss, we would be able to tweak our design in real time, refining our design according to your preferences before your very eyes.

A quotation will only be provided after this first design proposal meeting. as it will most accurately reflect on the scope of works that has to be done to achieve your dream home.

We advise our clients to take some time off to compare our proposal and quotation with our competitors, and decide if you would like to engage Kate Dale Interiors to proceed.

There is no need for an appointment fee.

When you decide to engage Kate Dale Interiors, we will simply continue by firming up decisions on materials, confirming layouts and finalizing the scope of works. And in tendem, we will fine-tune our proposal and our quotation until we agree upon a Contract for Works, and get ready for commencement.

Upon commencement, Kate Dale Interiors will process orders for materials and arrange for contractors to begin their work. We will oversee each phase of the project and work directly with each contractor to ensure your home is completed as specified.

Almost daily, we will provide photo updates on work progress through WhatsApp to assure you we are always involved in your project. We will also shop with you and assist in your home-styling if required. We will love to make sure your home is photo perfect when everything is done.

The first payment is due only upon commencement of works.

Years in the industry has taught us that we can't be all things to all people. So we choose specialize in what we like and know to do best.
And choose to forgo the rest.

We specialize in designing interiors of new residences.

Interior design is more than just aethetics. It's about finding creative design solutions for interior environment while enhancing their quality of life.

We prefer projects where we can work on transforming a barren home into a cozy abode.

We sincerely apologize we may not be the best people to take up unsuitable assignments such as remodelling only one toilet or two, or assignments which pay no regards to looks.

Sketchup 3D by Trimble is an award winning 3D modelling program which is used by hundreds of thousands of professionals in architecture, construction, urban planning and interior design.

Kate Dale Interiors uses SketchUp as a tool to aid in designing a space and visualizing a interior design proposal.

Slides are boring.

So Kate Dale Interiors uses SketchUp as an awesome presentation tool which allows our clients to experience and participate in the designing process.

Renovation is a process of renewing a space or improving it.

It involves co-ordination of a team contractors, site supervision, massive amounts of technical knowledge and awareness of regulatory requirements. Here experience matters.

Ask any homeowner who takes on renovation personally and they will tell you: it's much harder than it looks and mistakes can be very expensive.

Kate Dale Interiors handles renovation on clients' behalf and by doing so, insulates you from the stress and potential mishaps of renovation.


Space planning involves analyzing a given space and planning layout considering occupancy requirements, flow, functionality and aesthetics.

A capable space planner can make a small space feel larger through better layout, and maximize the utilization of any space through optimal organization of living zones.

Through space planning, Kate Dale Interiors will also be able to advise interior architecture solutions when need arises.

After picking up keys to your new home, you'll have to check your newly acquired property for defects and fill-out a defect rectification form for the developers/builders to rectify.

A trained eye will be better able to spot defects that a new homeowner will miss and that is where Kate Dale Interiors can help.

A complimentary service, we will assist you in checking for defects, preparing your checklist, and marking defects out for rectification.

We love shopping, and especially shopping for a home!

If you like, we would love to tag along and give you our 2 cents worth when you pick up the fabric of your curtains, the color of your sofa and the choice of lighting fixtures.

If you need recommendations, we can introduce to you retailers that we know are trustworthy and worth a visit.

No company exists in isolation. Here are some of the brands, retailers and companies we love.
All logos are registered trademark of their respective owners.
JS Furniture admira Lamitak EDL Lam Chuan
Arova Nexxis Blum Dulux Paints Nippon Paint
Lian Seng Hin Hafary MGL Curtains & Furnishing Goodrich Global Lumida Studios
  WhatsApp is the best way to contact us, as we are almost always out somewhere doing something. You will get the slowest response through email. We're a friendly couple and we love to help everyone, but referrals do have priority.  
  ENQUIRIES  WhatsApp / Mobile: + 65 9144 5713  
     Email: contact@katedale.com  
  AVAILABILITY FOR NEW PROJECTS  Available for new projects. Now rebranded as Intermod Space.  
  ADDRESSES  Office and Showroom (Open but still under renovation.)  
      184 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #02-01A  
      Singapore 757514  
     Carpentry Workshop  
      184 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #01-01  
      Singapore 757514  

We work from the office of JS Furniture, one of Singapore's best carpentry firms. JS Furniture does all of our carpentry works and
has kindly allowed us to meet our clients here. Hurrah. You are welcome to make an appointment to view some works in progress here.
To meet with growing demand. We have moved to a new 10,000 sqft facility.